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The following quotes are from the speakers and attendees that participated in the Starmus 2011 Festival:

“Garik – Congratulations on the success of Starmus. Best wishes for future success”
Neil Armstrong Apollo 11 Astronaut (First Man to Walk on the Moon)

“All of you guys have made a wonderful start in identifying the inspirations that keep operators wanting to come again! Keep it up!”
Buzz AldrinApollo 11 Astronaut (Second Man to Walk on the Moon)

“Starmus 2011 was simply the most stunning and the most inspirational meeting I have ever attended – and believe me I’ve been to a lot of Conferences in my time.”
Greg ParkerEditor (New Forest Observatory)

“I have been stimulated, enchanted and astounded by some of the talks at this conference.”
Brian MayCBE (Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University – UK), lead guitarist and founding member of the legendary rock band Queen

“It’s been an honour for us.”
Gordon Dewey Avionics Expert and Larry Beede, Fed Ex Pilot

“The Starmus Festival was put together by Garik Israelian who managed to assemble the most amazing bunch of megastars ever, Neil Armstrong, Jim Lovell, Buzz Aldrin, Alexei Leonov, Richard Dawkins, Kip Thorne, George Smoot – and it just goes on and on. Never thought I would ever be in a position to see any Apollo astronauts in the flesh – but Garik made it happen. With trips to the Teide telescopes, whale watching, trips to the La Palma telescopes and a two and a half hour Tangerine Dream concert to close the Festival – this was an action-packed, totally unforgettable, completely mind-blowing experience.”
GregEditor, MASA (My Astronaut Space Astronomy)

“Truly a historic event….all those icon’s in the same locale at the same time.”
Tim ThelderMASA (My Astronaut Space Astronomy)

“A truly amazing experience all round.”
Greg Parker Scientific Artist

“There certainly was a great line up of guest speakers. The astronaut/cosmonaut line up was especially impressive. Garik did a great job convincing them to attend.”
John SarkissianTerrastro

“It was an extraordinary event, a unique happening in astronomy, space exploration, cosmology, and music.”
David EicherEditor (Astronomy Magazine)